Side grinding and tuning machine – TWIN – SKI9

Simultaneous precision grinding on a side edge and tuning. In two passes, the high-speed abrasive tools guarantee a brilliant, wire-free finish without the need for watering. These abrasive tools are available in Zirconium or Ceramic quality.

Its compactness, small size, precision and high throughput make the TWIN from SKI9 the ideal machine to complete your machine park. MADE IN FRANCE !


Technical specifications

  • Power: motor 0.25 kW
  • Voltage : 230 V Single phase + Earth
  • Weight : 30 kg
  • Rotation speed : 6 000 rpm
  • Angle adjustment : 0.5 to 2° in 0.5° steps
  • Abrasion linear speed : 55 M/sec


  • High ease of use.
  • Geometric edge and angle accuracy.
  • No wire: no reworking after sharpening
  • Passage of wide skis.
  • Time to grind a ski: 30 sec
  • Compact, light and mobile machine.
  • High-tech construction: aluminium alloy, stainless steel, moulded resin cover.
  • Very easy maintenance thanks to dry grinding.
  • Economical use thanks to the abrasive disc concept.

Consumables: 120/150 grit ceramic or zirconium band disc